‘I accidentally walked a marathon’: Buffet marathoner spends 26 hours at Anytime Fitness for free without getting kicked out

Social media personalities often secure dedicated followings by creating a specific niche for themselves. Call it the personal brand, a gimmick, or its “thing”, there are people who manage to get a following because they become known for something.

For a TikToker named Madison (@ugh_madison), he will go to an all-you-can-eat buffet and see how long he can sit and enjoy the restaurant’s meals before being kicked out. Sometimes, like on her trip to Golden Corral, the employees are very welcoming and attentive to her and let her stay from open to close without too much trouble.

And then there are the times when the management stops his dining experience, and warns him that he has overstayed his welcome. To Madison’s credit, in most if not all of her videos, she seems to give advice to workers on shift, even many employees during shift changes, pretty well.

Madison recently tried a different kind of marathon session, though. This time, I wanted to see how long I could spend at an Anytime Fitness location. The gyms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the TikToker tried to stay there as long as she could before an employee decided to intervene and tell her that she had enough exercise for one visit.

The end result is what Madison calls “the craziest video” she’s “ever done.”

She narrates her clip chronicling a series of different workouts she performs while holding up a photo of bodybuilder Sam Sulek occasionally for inspiration. Madison goes through an impressive 26 hours of continuous training. He performs a variety of different weight lifting exercises, jumping on different machines, and then taking breaks by walking on the treadmill for extended periods of time. In fact, between her interspersed walking spells, she technically covered the distance of a full marathon, all of which she tracked on her Apple Watch.

The watch, because he spent so much time in the gym, eventually died during his marathon session, and because he was in the gym for so long and working out so much, he needed to make sure he consumed enough calories to keep himself alive. . She scarfed down packets of tuna and numerous Quest protein cookies and bars between her workouts.

“…Things are going around and my chows are down I realize I’m the only person in the whole building. The employees come out at 7pm and there are no customers because it’s almost midnight on a Tuesday ” she says as she shows the desolate gym, pointing out that she was, in fact, the only active member there.

Taking a break from exercising, Madison charged her wearable and spent some time cleaning the gym. He records himself picking up debris from the ground and clearing counters and various surfaces before finally returning to the grind.

“I decided to tidy up the place while my watch was charging. I only had 115 grams of fiber and 311 grams of protein. The employees weren’t supposed to come back until 11, but one of them came back at 8 in the morning. We walked right in front of each other and he didn’t even care,” she says.

“The other employees went back 11 years and none of them even cared,” he continues. “I’ve been up for 27 hours and Anytime Fitness won’t kick me out anytime soon, so I decided to leave. I spent 26 hours at the gym. I think I got the value of my free membership.”

@ugh_madison This is the craziest video I’ve ever made 😭😭 seeing how much it takes to get kicked out of the gym 24/7! #fitness #gym ♬ original sound – Madison

People were shocked by the extreme lengths Madison went to in her video. One person wrote: “Girl how did you not throw up!”

While someone else wrote: “How were you so casual about this?”

“You are the most interesting person alive,” one person shared.

“I know you slept well afterwards,” someone exclaimed while another TikToker called Madison “the ultimate sidequest comp.”

“You spend more time in the gym in one day than I have in my life lol,” said another TikTok user.

The Daily Dot reached out to Anytime Fitness via email and Madison via TikTok comment.

*First Published: November 18, 2023, 12:00 pm CST

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