Kettlebell halo exercise: How to do it and the benefits to sculpt the heart and shoulders

Holding a kettlebell overhead, light or heavy, can be dangerous without good technique. Below, we discuss the benefits of kettlebell swings, common mistakes and swing variations we recommend, as well as some tips for keeping your form tight, regardless of your weightlifting abilities.

Kettlebell halo exercise topped off 5 standing ab exercises that sculpt your core with a kettlebell round-up, and there are other great benefits to be gained when doing core and back exercises regularly , in addition to hitting those hard obliques.

As with any exercise, if you are a beginner, pregnant, or returning from injury, we recommend that you talk to a medical professional or a qualified personal trainer first, especially if you plan to load with heavy weights.

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I know – sigh – being told to climb and seek permission first is boring. But here are 7 things I wish I knew before I started lifting heavy weights for the first time if you’re wondering why exercising with caution (before your muscles) matters. If you are ready and prepared to lift, pick up one of the best kettlebells for free weights and read on for more.

Kettlebell Halo: Benefits

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