The 30-minute yoga routine every cyclist should try

When I started encouraging cyclists to try yoga a decade ago, most of them raised an eyebrow or politely humored me. For most riders, the word “yoga” conjured up images of awkward small talk in fire country mansions, pretzel poses reserved for super-bendy, mostly female practitioners, and maybe a little dark chanting. Fast forward to 2023 and most professional pilots in a structured structure stretching session at least a few times a week – and many regularly practice yoga. So what has changed and is yoga something worthwhile for amateur riders?

Should cyclists do yoga?

Strip away the elements of breathing and meditation from a typical yoga session and you have a series of physical postures that systematically work the body through different planes of motion, such as lateral flexion, rotation and extension (lateral flexions , twists and back bends in yoga). speak). This is perfect for getting cyclists out of their fixed riding position, alleviating stiffness and potential muscle imbalances that can occur from hours in the same posture on the bike. Watch a cyclist get off their bike and you’ll see them doing instinctive yoga-like movements like arching their back with their hands behind their head.

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